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​​Monthly Special:

We are selling trailer kits at 10% off of our already low price!

Wanting to build your own trailer?  The Trailer Pros can put together a kit to suit your needs.  We have several standard kits to choose from, and also offer many different upgrades to all of our trailer kits.

Bumper pull - Single Axle (3,500#, 6,000#, or 7000#), Tandem Axle (3,500# axles, 6,000# axles, or 7,000# axles)

Gooseneck - Tandem Axle (7000# axles), Tandem Dual Axle (10,000# axles), and Heavy Duty Tandem Dual Axle (12,000# axles)

All kits come with a coupler, jack(s), safety chains, fenders (except tandem dual kits), hanger kit, spring kits, axles, tires and wheels.  Lights/wiring sold separately.  We can also supply the steel for the frame, as well as the lumber or steel for the floor.  

Give us a call and see what our knowledgeable staff can do for you!