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Horse Trailers

Do you own a horse? Maybe you have several horses. If so you know the importance of having a trusted, reliable, high-quality horse trailer for transporting your animals. Horses are prized stock, whether for racing, breeding or simply as a four legged companion, people take their horses treatment serious.

At The Trailer Pros we understand the importance of taking care of your horse and keeping it comfortable and safe during transportation.  We offer a full range of services on all types of horse trailers you can see below. 

Services We Provide on Horse Trailers

  • New Horse Trailers – We can help design and build horse trailers for single or multiple steeds.

  • Horse Trailer Repair – Our team can make quick work of all repairs to existing trailers.

  • Horse Trailer Renovation – For older trailers that need to be overhauled, let our team take care of the project and give you back a trailer that is just like new.

  • Horse Trailer Maintenance – Trailers are just like cars and require service at regular intervals.

Why Choose the Trailer Pros?

Our team has the special knowledge to design and build horse trailers for every purpose. We’re dedicated to giving you the best in service and guarantee your 100% customer satisfaction.

Horse trailers are not just another piece of equipment; they’re used to transport some of our best friends and most prized animals. That’s why we take the time to carefully design, build and inspect each trailer specifically for the needs of each customer. Our team will never cut corners; will only use the best materials and the highest quality craftsmanship to build your horse a trailer that is comfortable and safe. If you’ve been looking for a trusted team of designers to build your horse a trailer to take them from point A to B in style and grace, then let The Trailer Pros be your go to team.

Please Contact Us via our website or by phone and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have and if needed set up a time for a free consultation to find out what your specific needs are. Thanks for your time and considering The Trailer Pros to be your go to trailer team. 

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